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Poll: Ron Paul, Mitt Romney Tied with Obama

A new poll finds President Obama in a virtual dead heat in theoretical head-to-head match-ups with Ron Paul and Mitt Romney.

The CNN/ORC International poll has Obama beating Paul by a slim 48%-46% margin, but add in the margin of error and it is basically tied. The same goes for Romney's 48%-47% lead over the president. The poll shows Obama easily beating the other Republican candidates.

If the economy doesn't pick up, Obama could have a major problem come November.

"On the economy - issue number one to most Americans - Romney has a clear advantage. 53% say the former Massachusetts governor can get the economy moving; only 40% say that about President Barack Obama," said CNN Polling Director Keating Holland.

However the multi-millionaire Romney does have his issues with voters.

"But the numbers are reversed when voters are asked whether the candidates are in touch with ordinary Americans. Fifty-three percent say that Obama is in touch; only four in 10 feel that way about Romney," Holland said.

Republicans obviously aren't enthralled with Romney -- among registered GOP voters, 54% said they are "enthusiastic" about voting in November. That is down ten points from last October. In contrast, Democratic enthusiasm has risen 6% to 49%

"In a race that tight, turnout is likely to determine the outcome, and the Democrats have begun to close the 'enthusiasm gap' that damaged their prospects so badly in the 2010 midterms," Holland said.


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