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Poll: Ron Paul 3rd-Party Run Only Helps Obama

A new poll finds that a third-party run by Ron Paul would not result in him winning the White House, but it would help the current resident.

USA Today reports that a new Pew Research Center poll finds President Obama would win a three-way race between Paul and likely GOP candidate Mitt Romney with 44% of the vote. Romney got 32% and Paul 18%.

In a head-to-head battle, Obama beat Romney by just five points, 50% to 45%.

"Put in other terms, Obama loses 9% and Romney 17% of independent voters to Ron Paul if he decides to run," the poll concluded. Most of those independents "lean Republican."

Paul has said repeatedly that he has no intention of running if he does not win the GOP nomination. "I don't want to," he told CNN.

However Paul has not completely ruled out a third-party run, saying he doesn't like to deal in absolutes.


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