Poll Reveals Sarah Palin Top Choice Of Alaska GOP, Trailing Overall


According to a Public Policy Polling survey which was released Tuesday, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is the top choice amongst Alaska Repulicans to challenge Sen. Mark Begich in 2014, though she is predicted to perform poorly overall.

The poll was conducted by phone and the responses were drawn from 890 Alaskans.

While Palin was the top choice of 36 percent of Republican primary voters, Begich beat her in a hypothetical match 52-40 percent. Only 47 percent of voters still consider her to be an Alaskan, an opinion that Begich has encouraged, and 58 percent view her unfavorably.

Belgich said Palin has “lost touch” with the Alaskan lifestyle.

Aside from telling Sean Hannity earlier this month that she would consider running for the Senate, the former governor has given little indication of a permanent decision.

Lt. Gov. Mead Treadwell has announced his decision to run for candidacy, and is the first choice of 26 percent of Alaska Republicans. Treadwell also had the greatest chance of competing with Belgich, winning 40-44 percent in a hypothetical race.

Primary choices for Republican candidates following Palin include Treadwell at 26 percent, Dan Sullivan at 15 percent and 2010 Republican nominee Joe Miller at 12 percent.

Sources: The Huffington Post, Politico


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