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Poll: Republicans Support Immigration Reform, Unless President Obama Supports It

According to a new Washington Postpoll, 60 percent of Republicans support comprehensive immigration reform, unless President Obama also supports it.

If President Obama supports it, Republican support drops from 60 percent to just 39 percent.

Democrats support comprehensive immigration reform in the same numbers with or without the president’s name being mentioned.

President Obama has often said that Republicans supported policy positions that he also supported, but changed their minds if he came out publicly.  This poll confirms that claim.

Republican lawmakers refused to support an individual health care mandate that they supported throughout the 1990s.

According to a Reuters/Ispos poll, a majority of Republicans support provisions of Obamacare, but hate the law because President Obama’s name is on it.

Some critics say this shows the partisanship and/or racism of the GOP against the first black president.

The poll also showed that while six in 10 Democrats support an assault weapons ban, that number jumps to more than three in four if President Obama supports it.

Not surprisingly, most Republicans don’t support banning assault weapons with or without Obama.

The poll numbers do provide a fascinating backdrop for President Obama’s State of the Union speech tonight and which issues he chooses to emphasize. Will the president not mention immigration reform as a way to get support via reverse psychology?

Source: Washington Post


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