Poll: President Obama Steamrolls Mitt Romney in National Head-to-Head


A new CNN/ORC International Poll released Monday provides a big serving of bad statistical news for the Mitt Romney campaign. The numbers suggest President Barack Obama holds a commanding nine-point lead over his likely Republican challenger in a national match up.

The report says 52% of registered voters told CNN/ORC that they would vote for President Obama if the election were held today. That’s compared to only 43% of registered voters who said the same about former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney.

The voters polled were more closely split over which candidate was best qualified to jump-start the economy, but that weakness for Obama seems to have been completely outweighed by the wide gender gap plaguing Mitt Romney.

Of the women surveyed, 55% favored Obama over 39% for Mitt Romney. That 16-point deficit for the GOP challenger is virtually unchanged from the 18-point deficit polled one week ago.

These numbers suggest that the manufactured controversy over Hilary Rosen’s ill-advised jab at Ann Romney did little to erode President Obama’s wide support among women.

Female disenchantment with the GOP is perhaps more pronounced now than at any previous time in American history. If the Romney campaign wants to avoid the embarrassment of a landslide electoral loss in November, they’d best quash the assault on women’s rights taking place in the United States House Representatives and in state legislatures across the country, and they’d best do it soon.

Full poll (pdf)


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