Poll: Only 7% of GOP Voters Want to Defund Obamacare


Several Republicans, such as Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Sarah Palin, are demanding a shutdown of the U.S. government on September 30 to defund Obamacare, which begins individual enrollment on October 1.

However, a new poll by The Morning Consult shows that only seven percent of Republicans support delaying or defunding Obamacare, a radical difference from the lawmakers who claim to represent them, noted TheHill.com.

In a poll of all adult voters, 30 percent said repeal Obamacare, 31 percent want Congress to improve the law (but don't say how), 22 percent want Obamacare to go into effect as is and 11 percent want to expand Obamacare, which is actually what President Obama and the Democrats originally wanted with the "public option" that was killed by Republicans.

Blacks and Hispanics favor the law more than whites do, according to the poll.

According to a Kaiser Health Tracking Poll in August, there is still a stunning amount of ignorance among the American people as to what Obamacare actually is, even though it became law in 2010:

Despite saying they’ve heard about the law from various sources, confusion remains, with more than four in ten saying the law has been repealed or overturned, or being unsure whether it remains the law of the land. And about half say they don’t understand how the law will impact their own families.

Sources: The Morning Consult, TheHill.com, KFF.org


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