Poll: "Obama No Longer Favorite to Win Re-Election"


A new poll has found President Obama's approval ratings at an all-time low, and even a Democratic pollster admitted Obama is not the favorite to win the White House in 2012.

The NBC News/Wall Street Journal Poll shows Obama's approval rating at just 44%, down three points from a month ago. His numbers are down in virtually every category:

-- 37% approve of his handling of the economy
-- 19% believe the country is headed in the right direction
-- 42% say he has strong leadership qualities
-- 41% think he is a good president
-- 39% say he has the ability to handle a crisis

Then there are the presidential matchups. Obama still beats Mitt Romney (by one point) and Rick Perry (by five points) in theoretical races, but a generic GOP candidate beats Obama 44%-40%.

"Obama is no longer the favorite to win re-election," said Democratic pollster Peter D. Hart, who conducted the survey with Republican pollster Bill McInturff.

Some good news for the President -- nearly 70% of those who responded still find him likeable, and 50% approve of his foreign policy.

Over on the Republican side, Perry has maintained his frontrunner status with 38% of the vote. Here's how the rest of the field fared:

-- Romney: 23%
-- Ron Paul: 9%
-- Michele Bachmann: 8%
-- Herman Cain: 5%
-- Newt Gingrich: 5%
-- Rick Santorum: 3%
-- Jon Huntsman: 2%


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