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Poll: Most Americans Support Drone Strikes, Which Kill 1 Terrorist and 49 Civilians

A new Pew Research poll has found that 62% of Americans approve of drone attacks in Pakistan, even though 49 civilians are killed for each terrorist.

Of 20 countries surveyed, Pew Research reports that only citizens of the U.S. and India support drone strikes in Pakistan. It's worth noting that India has had worsening relations with Pakistan for years.

U.S. drone strikes in Pakistan are condemned by Greece (90 percent), Egypt (89 percent), Jordan (85 percent), Turkey (81 percent), Spain (76 percent), Brazil (76 percent) and Japan (75 percent) and others, reports

The Obama administration has repeatedly claimed that a low number of civilian causalities result from the drone strikes, but a new study by New York University and Stanford law schools, released last week, says only one terrrorist is killed by each drone strike, while 49 civilians die.

The study also found that the CIA has been “double striking” targets, which kills first responders that come to the scene of the attack.


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