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Poll: Most Americans Support The Death Penalty


Although support for the death penalty has dwindled since an all-time high in the 1994, 61 percent of adults still favor its use.

Just 2 percent of respondents to an annual poll from Gallup said they don't have an opinion on the matter and 37 percent oppose the death penalty. 

Despite the popularity of the death penalty, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to implement. There’s a nationwide shortage of the drugs used for put inmates to death and the legal difficulty of transporting certain chemicals have left some states scrambling for a solution, The New York Times reported.

In Texas and Virginia, prison officials have been trading drugs used in lethal injections. However, Ohio and Nebraska have attempted to buy a drug that’s no longer made in the United States and the Food and Drug Administration prohibits importing it. 

Mississippi and Montana are locked in legal battles over the substances being used to execute prisoners. 

“Over time, lethal injection has become only more problematic and chaotic,” Deborah W. Denno, a professor at Fordham Law School and an expert on lethal injections, told the New York Times.

Gallup surveyed 1,015 adults in every state to come to their results.

Sources: Gallup, The New York Times Image via Ken Piorkowski/Flickr


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