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Poll: Marco Rubio Leads The GOP Field, Hillary Clinton Still Leads All Candidates From Both Parties

Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida leads the GOP race for presidential nominee and shows as the strongest competitor to Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, according to a recently released poll by Quinnipiac University.

The results of the poll were released on Thursday, and included all likely presidential candidates from the Republican and Democratic parties.

Rubio scored the highest amongst Republican, or Republican leaning, primary voter respondents against all of his competitors with 15 percent.

Former Gov. of Florida Jeb Bush received 13 percent of the votes to come in third, with the undecided taking the second spot at 14 percent.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker took fourth place, accumulating 11 percent of the votes.

In the “no way” list, Bush received the highest percentage of voters saying they would not support him with 17 percent. New Jersey Gov. Christopher Christie came in second with 16 percent, and Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky took third place with 10 percent.

Clinton leads the Democratic race with 60 percent of party voters choosing her as their candidate. Vice President Joe Biden received 10 percent of the votes, and Bernie Sanders tallied 8 percent.

If Clinton were not running, 40 percent of respondents said they would choose Biden, but the “don’t know” responses jumped from 14 percent with Clinton running to 30 percent when not.

When Clinton was pitted against prospective Republican candidates in a mock-election styled question, she consistently came out the winner. Her closest competitor is Rubio, with 45 percent in favor of Clinton and 43 percent favoring Rubio.

"This is the kind of survey that shoots adrenaline into a campaign," said Quinnipiac's Tim Malloy. “Marco Rubio gets strong enough numbers and favorability ratings to look like a legit threat to Hillary Clinton."

A Clinton-Bush election found Clinton leading 46 percent to 39 percent.

A large problem that may emerge for Clinton's campaign is whether or not voters find her trustworthy. According to the poll, more than half of respondents do not think she is honest and trustworthy. She also stumbled in the favorable or unfavorable question, with 47 percent finding her unfavorable versus 46 percent who do see her in a favorable light.

The distrust of Clinton may be because of numerous issues that have plagued her political career, including the recent email scandal involving her time as secretary of state where she used a personal email account for official business, the way she handled the murder of a U.S. diplomat in Libya, and foreign donations received by the Clinton family foundation. She also must contend with the scandals that plagued her husband former President Bill Clinton’s time in office, reports Yahoo News.

Clinton is seen as the likely Democratic candidate for the 2016 presidential race, but as the recent poll shows, she may have stiff competition from Republican candidates — and Rubio especially with his match-up results against her and a trustworthy rating of 40 percent, with 35 percent of respondents viewing him in a favorable light.

Sources: Yahoo News, Quinnipiac University

Photo Source: Gage Skidmore/Flickr


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