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Poll: Majority Of Republicans Believe Obama Is A Muslim

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54 percent of Republicans believe that President Barack Obama is a Muslim, according to a poll conducted by the left-leaning Public Policy Polling (PPP).

Asked to label Obama’s religious beliefs, 32 percent were unsure. 14 percent believed that Obama is a Christian.

Obama’s faith first came into question during his 2008 campaign. His connections to Bill Ayers, a self-described unrepentant terrorist, and Jeremiah Wright, whose anti-American rhetoric in church made headlines, fueled the perception that Obama was a Muslim. However, Obama has made comments discussing his Christian faith, specifically during Easter and Christmas, The Hill noted.

Moreover, only 29 percent of Republicans believe that the commander-in-chief was born in the United States, an issue that was heavily promoted by Donald Trump in 2011. As for Canadian born GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz, 40 percent of Republicans say he was born in America.

Donald Trump received the highest grades among the 17 Republicans running for the presidential nomination. The New York business mogul nabbed 29 percent of the vote, retaining his first place position. Retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson of Maryland was in second, with 15 percent. GOP establishment favorite Jeb Bush of Florida finished in third, with nine percent. Carly Fiorina, one of two women running for the presidency, finished fourth with eight percent support.

George Pataki of New York, Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and Bobby Jindal of Louisiana received zero percent support in the poll. Barely ahead in a three-way tie with one percent are Jim Gilmore of Virginia, Rick Perry of Texas and Rand Paul of Kentucky. One time favorites Chris Christie of New Jersey and Scott Walker of Wisconsin now trail heavily, receiving two and five percent support, respectively.

See the full polling results from PPP here.

Sources: MSNBC, The Hill, Public Policy Polling / Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons/J.D. Leipold


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