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Poll: Two-Thirds Of Americans Believe The U.S. Is Ready For A Female President

According to a recent Economist/YouGov poll, two-thirds of Americans believe the United States is ready to elect a woman as president.

The results of the poll are strikingly different to a similar one conducted eight years ago, when just over half of respondents said the country was ready to elect a woman.

The current poll question posed to respondents was: Do you think America is ready to elect a woman president, or not?

Sixty-seven percent said "yes," with 22 percent saying the country is not ready.

Eight years ago, only fifty-three percent said the country was ready to elect a woman to the oval office, and the change from then to now appears to be with women themselves.

In previous polls, men were more likely to answer “yes.” The percentages are now nearly equal, with 66 percent of men and 67 percent of women believing the country is ready.

This is beneficial news for 2016 Democratic presidential nominee hopeful Hillary Clinton, who lost the nomination in 2008. Clinton is currently leading the polls with more than 50 points ahead of her nearest competitor for the nomination.

The poll also broke down responses to whether the United States is ready for a female president by party.

Republicans favored a woman president the least, with 53 percent giving a yes answer. Independents’ positive responses totaled 61 percent.

Democrats led with 79 percent.

How many people personally hope there will be a female president in their lifetime?

Sixty-one percent of respondents were hopeful, with 18 percent opposed, and 21 percent unsure. Democrats were the most hopeful at 88 percent, and Republicans the least hopeful with 34 percent. Republicans' answers were nearly identical on all fronts, with 35 percent not hopeful and 31 percent unsure.

Hopeful or not, 78 percent of Republicans believe the United States will have a woman president in their lifetime.

A poll conducted earlier this year by Pew Research Center found only four in 10 Americans believe it is important to see a woman become president in their lifetimes, reports Politico. Sixteen percent of Republican men said they wanted to see a woman serve as president, with 20 percent of Republican women feeling the same. Democrats were more inclined, with 46 percent of men and 69 percent of women wanting to see a woman elected.

The Economist/YouGov poll also asked whether a woman could hold the position of Secretary of Defense. Fifty-nine percent of respondents were in favor, with 29 percent opposed. Men and women had little difference in how they responded.

When asked if a woman candidate has to appear tougher than her opponents on national defense, the yes and no answers were very close. Thirty-nine percent said the woman would have to, with 42 percent saying she would not.

In this instance, a higher amount of Democrats said the woman would have to appear tougher on defense.

While the poll may have shown Americans believe a woman can handle defense just as well as a man, it does not mean any woman is seen that way. When asked about confidence in Hillary Clinton to handle an international crisis, there was an even divide amongst respondents, and almost entirely on partisan lines.

Sources: YouGov, Politico

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