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Poll: Majority Of Americans Don't Support Federal Gun Control

Only 34 percent of 1,000 survey respondents said they believe gun laws should be the federal government’s responsibility, according to Ramussen Reports.

An additional 36 percent said gun legislation should be a state responsibility, and another 18 percent believed it should be a local decision.

The poll was taken at the end of September -- before the massacre at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon, which left 10 people, including the alleged shooter, dead.

Despite the apparent unpopularity of the idea, Senate Democrats have announced a new initiative to improve background checks for those purchasing guns and end the “illegal gun pipeline,” MassLive reported.

Democratic Leader Harry Reid of Nevada said the measures are “common sense steps that are supported by the vast majority of Americans."

"Democrats are offering bipartisan solutions that can save lives, and we call on Republicans to join us in this effort," he added. "Of course we won't be able to stop all gun violence. But, working together, we can pass legislation that can make a real difference. It is simply too important to do nothing.”

Sources: MassLive, Ramussen Reports Photo credit: M&R Glasgow/Flickr


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