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Poll: Jeb Bush, Scott Walker At The Top Of 2016 GOP Field

A recent CNN/ORC poll showed former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush leading all Republican challengers in the nomination for president in 2016.

When asked which Republican would receive their support, respondents backed Bush, who received 16 percent of the vote. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker was second with 13 percent, followed by Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul at 12 percent support.

Some Republicans who were considered a frontrunner at one point have now fallen to single digits in approval. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie had just 7 percent support in the poll, tying with Florida Sen. Marco Rubio. 

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, officially the only declared candidate in the race, received only 4 percent support, the same as former Texas Gov. Rick Perry.

On the Democratic side, former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton won the poll overwhelmingly, with 62 percent of voters supporting her. Vice President Joe Biden was a distant second with 15 percent, while Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren was third with 10 percent of the vote.

In potential 2016 matchups, Clinton defeated all her Republican opponents. Among the closest races were against Rubio, where she won 55 to 42 percent and Bush, who lost to Clinton 55 to 40 percent.

Paul is expected to announce his candidacy on April 7, while other Republicans have yet to make an announcement. 

The poll was conducted by CNN during between March 13 and 15, before Cruz declared his candidacy.

Sources: CNN/ORC

Photo Credit: NADA/Flickr, WikiCommons


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