Poll: GOP Presidential Race Shaping Up as Rick Perry vs. Mitt Romney


It is still early, but a new poll shows that unless something happens to dramatically shake-up the GOP race for the presidential nomination, it looks like a two man contest between Rick Perry and Mitt Romney.

A USA Today/Gallup Poll released on Monday shows Perry with 31% of the vote followed by Romney with 24%. Ron Paul is the only other candidate with double-digit support at 13%.

One-time front runner Michele Bachmann is seeing her support drying up; just 5% of those who responded said they would vote for the Congresswoman from Minnesota.

The poll comes after the Republican candidates debated twice in the course of a week, with many voters getting their first look at Perry. Perhaps they didn't like what they saw -- Perry's lead over Romney stood at 12-points in late August. Now it is just seven.

Romney also holds a slight lead over President Obama among all voters while Perry trails the president.


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