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Poll Finds Trump Competitive With Clinton In National Election

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Trump has maintained a comfortable lead atop the GOP polls for the past several weeks. Despite the consistent outcomes of polls from multiple sources, many pundits still believe that Trump has no chance of winning the national election. His campaign is viewed more as a media farce than a serious attempt at winning the presidency. Even Hillary Clinton, the expected Democratic nominee, has agreed with the Huffington Post by dismissing Trump's run as "all entertainment." According to the latest CNN/ORC poll, however, Clinton should be more worried about her potential opponent in the general election. 

The results of the poll found that Trump could be competitive with Clinton if both candidates make it to the national stage. In a theoretical matchup with Trump, Clinton leads by just six points. That's ten points closer than Trump's standings in a similar July poll, demonstrating just how successful his campaign has been thus far. 

Doubts about Trump's "electability," however, remain rampant. A recent article in the Washington Post begins "Basically nobody who follows politics in any depth thinks either Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders could be elected our next president.” There's no reason why the media shouldn't trust the voting populace to elect the candidate they truly want to see in office, yet the skepticism remains. Meanwhile, the polls continually show Trump leading and the analysts continually dismiss those polls. 

The recent CNN/ORC poll also shows that Clinton maintains a comfortable lead over all of her potential GOP opponents in the general election. According to the poll, she would be victorious whether she faced Trump, Walker, Bush or Fiorina. Those statistics could, of course, be skewed by the fact that there is so much competition on the GOP side and little-to-none on the Democratic side. This early in the campaign cycle, a Walker fan might not claim that he or she would support Bush in the national election (even if that voter will support the Republican nominee no matter what next November). If readers are to take Trump's popularity in the polls seriously, however, it should be noted that Clinton is still the overall front-runner. 

The one thing Trump naysayers understand is that it is far too early for the presidential polls to be truly meaningful. Trump will need to maintain his momentum until next November, when he runs either as the Republican nominee or on the third-party ticket. That will be difficult, but not impossible. The polls show that voters take Trump seriously, both as a Republican candidate and a candidate to take on Clinton. It's more than OK to dislike or refuse to respect Trump's political ambitions, but it's no longer fair to dismiss them. 

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