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Poll Finds Obama is Popular, but His Gun Control Stance Isn't

A new Quinnipiac Poll that surveyed 1,471 voters found that Obama’s gun control stance isn’t winning him a lot of approval. Approximately 52% of voters said that they were unhappy with how he attempted to expand background checks.

Voters also aren’t terribly thrilled with Obama’s handling of the economy. Half of voters said they were disappointed with the President, while 41% approved.

Obama’s track record with immigration also got poor marks: 50% were unhappy compared to 40% who liked Obama’s course.

These figures may seem like a bad omen for President Obama, but other polling statistics are much more favorable. Voters liked the way that that he handled North Korea, terrorism, foreign policy, and 48% of voters gave him a thumbs-up overall.

In fact, voters are generally happy with the Democrat Party on the whole. Forty-one percent of voters reported that they are more likely to vote from Democrat congressional leaders, compared to 37% of voters who would vote Republican.

Peter Brown, the assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute, explained, “there has been a consistent Democrat edge for several months.”

In contrast, a whopping 62% of voters said that Republicans in Congress don’t care about the voters’ needs; only 54% of voters said the same thing about Democrats.

It’s clear that the Democrats have pulled ahead in the national polls. Based on popular opinions about gun control, however, the Democrats might want to reconsider their restrictive policies in order to solidify their political lead over the Republicans. That might tone down Republican opposition, but it’s hard to gauge how much a watered-down gun control policy would tick off Democrat voters. Would they earn a few moderate voters at the expense of the gun control crowd?

Either way, Democrats have a long 18 months to figure out their political strategy before the voters head to the polls again. Will the Democrats be able to hold onto their political lead, or will the gun control issue give pro-gun politicians the edge they need to dethrone Democratic leadership?

Source: Newsmax


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