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Poll Finds Government Is America's 'Most Important Problem'

A new Gallup study shows Americans view the government as the nation’s “most important problem.”

The poll, titled “Most Important Problem Facing the U.S. in 2014,” based on an average of 12 monthly surveys of about 12,000 individuals, shows an average of 18 percent of Americans surveyed found the government/congress/politicians as the leading problem facing the country.

It is the first time in history that the government was considered the most important problem.

The economy in general took second place at 17 percent, and unemployment/jobs came in third with 15 percent.

Politico reports it is the first time since 2007 that the economy did not take the top spot.

Health care was number four with 10 percent.

Other problems that made the list were immigration (8 percent), federal deficit/debt (6 percent), ethics/moral decline (5 percent), and education (4 percent).

National security, wars/war (non-specific), and terrorism, individually garnered 2 percent.

Race relations, a problem that in the past was usually only mentioned by no more than 2 percent of Americans, saw a steep increase to 13 percent in December, possibly due to the recent unrest after the legal decisions in the Michael Brown and Eric Garner cases.

The final percentage for race relations came in at 3 percent for the year.

Sources: Politico, Gallup / Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons


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