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Poll Finds 71 Percent Of American Voters Dissatisfied With Nation

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The 2016 presidential campaign thus far has offered one of the clearest signs that Americans are dissatisfied with the state of the nation.

Donald Trump is leading the Republican polls with his anti-establishment rhetoric and promises to Make America Great Again. Bernie Sanders is surging on the left with promises of socialist reform. The way in which fake candidates like Deez Nuts can rise in the polls represents the apathetic nature of many voters. 

According to Real Clear Politics, 75 percent of Americans disapprove of the job Congress is doing in Washington. The majority of Americans — 51.1 percent — disapprove of the job Obama is doing in the White House. Even that number’s not terrible compared to our previous president. That shows just how dismal things have become in the world’s only superpower.

According to a new Quinnipiac University poll, 71 percent of American voters are “dissatisfied” with the United States. 41 percent of those voters are “very dissatisfied,” compared to only 2 percent who claim to be “very satisfied.” A still shockingly low statistic of 26 percent answered that they were “somewhat satisfied” with the state of the nation.

Tim Malloy, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Poll, made a joking reference when explaining the outcome of the survey. “Most American voters sing sadly, along with the Rolling Stones, that they are unable to find any satisfaction with the way things are going in the nation or with the federal government,” Malloy said. Obviously, the reality is much more serious.

The poll confirms what the presidential race is indicating: Americans are ready for the true change they thought they would achieve through the last major election. The problem is that there are so many factions within the political machine that it will be difficult to accomplish any tangible sort of change under our current system in the near future. The Republicans and the Democrats continuously leave Washington in stagnant gridlock, yet critics dismiss both parties as money and election-hungry puppets acting on behalf of corporations rather than people (aside from the fact that, under the Citizen United ruling, corporations are people). It seems like there's no way to fix our problems, although this upcoming election offers the opportunity to potentially do just that. 

Support for Trump, Sanders and other so-called “fringe” candidates (although that term hardly applies to either at this point) shows that Americans are upset with the status quo. It’s unclear whether a change of leadership in Washington will be enough to improve the nation’s morale, or whether more significant overhaul of our government is needed. We’ll find that out next November and January. In the meantime, it’s clear that the current system is not working for the overwhelming majority of Americans. Our government is supposed to be “of the people, by the people and for the people,” so it will be up for all people in the U.S. to figure out what sort of change is needed soon. Hopefully the state of the nation will improve and these embarrassing statistics about the satisfaction of American voters will not last.

Sources: Real Clear Politics, Quinnipiac University

Image Source: Politico


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