Poll: Ebola Is Most Followed News Story


A poll released by the Kaiser Health Policy News Index found that Americans followed Ebola more closely than any other news story in the month of November.

Results showed that nearly eight in ten Americans said they “very” or “fairly” closely followed Ebola news in the United States and abroad. Stories about Ebola in the U.S. and West Africa had the highest percentage of following in the study.

Ebola news saw a 10 percent increase in viewers from October to November. According to the study, Ebola ranks among the most closely followed news stories for the past three months.

Stories about the conflict with ISIS in Iraq and Syria were the next most followed story line. Seven in ten people followed the story “very” or “fairly” closely.

The midterm elections had slightly less followers, with over 60 percent of people closely following the results of November 4th.

Other stories received much less attention, including the crash of a Virgin Galactic aircraft and the Major League Baseball World Series.

Given that only a third of Americans voted in the November 4th election, it is not surprising that the fear of a national Ebola outbreak had more viewership than the results of the election.

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Source: Wall Street Journal / Photo Credit: Associated Press


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