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Poll: Donald Trump Gains Distance Ahead Of Ben Carson

A new poll conducted by Fox News shows billionaire Donald Trump not only leads the Republican presidential field, but continues to climb.

The survey results were released on Nov. 22, and the data reflects voter attitudes shortly after the Nov. 13 Paris terror attacks.

Trump leads with 28 percent, a record slice of the pie in the 2016 Republican presidential primary. The business mogul is up two percentage points from the beginning of November, according to a previous Fox Poll.

Ben Carson remains in second place with 18 percent, down 5 percentage points from earlier this month. The retired neurosurgeon has taken several hits throughout November; his dragging poll numbers have been attributed to controversies over his autobiography and his perceived lack of foreign policy expertise following the Paris attacks, Fox News reports.

The two candidates with Cuban heritage are currently sharing third place, battling it out with 14 percent each. Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas and Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida have both been bumped by three percentage points since early November.

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush hovers in fourth with five percent of the vote, while New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, former Minnesota Gov. Mike Huckabee and Carly Fiorina are contending for fifth place with 3 percent each.

The Fox News survey shows Trump is leading in both the Tea Party and white evangelical demographics of the Republican party. Cruz has the edge amongst voters who habitually listen to conservative talk radio.

The Fox News survey also measures each candidate's’ perceived honesty. Among general voters, Rubio fared best with net positive 20 points in honesty. Carson came in second with a net positive of 19 points, a few points down from earlier this month.

Cruz trails in third with a net positive of 11 honesty points while Trump has an abysmal score of negative 14 points. However, among self-identifying Republicans respondents, all of the Republican candidates are viewed as honest; even Trump emerged with a net positive of 24 honesty points.

The poll also finds that six of the GOP candidates would beat Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton in a hypothetical general election if it were held today. According to respondents, Clinton would lose to Trump, Carson, Bush, Cruz, and Christie in a matchup. However, Rubio would win by the largest margin, beating Clinton in a hypothetical election by eight percentage points, The Hill reports.

Sources: Fox News, The Hill / Photo credit: Gage Skidmore / Flickr

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