Poll: Donald Trump Continues To Climb The Polls As Terrorism Becomes Biggest Concern For Voters


While 64 percent of Americans nationwide say they are scared of a possible Donald Trump presidency, the business mogul’s lead within the Republican primary only continues to grow. As fear of terrorism spikes, so does Trump’s poll numbers.

A New York Times / CBS News poll released on Dec. 10 finds that, following the terror attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, California, terrorism has surged to the top of the list concerns among Americans with 19 percent.

This result is corroborated by a Dec. 14 Gallup poll which finds that 16 percent of Americans name terrorism as the most pressing problem facing the U.S.

The New York Times / CBS News poll shows Trump’s lead in the GOP primary growing as anxiety over national security deepens among voters. The business mogul is currently leading with 35 percent, which is 13 percentage points higher than a previous survey conducted in October.

The poll data shows that out of all the Republican presidential contenders, Trump’s supporters are the most confident that their candidate can handle the problem.

“He’ll keep a sharp on eye on those Muslims,” Trump-supporter Bettina Norden tells The New York Times. “He’ll keep the Patriot Act together. He’ll watch immigration. Stop the Muslims from immigrating.”

While Trump’s fiery rhetoric and policies such as imposing a ban on all Muslims from entering the U.S. has drawn outrage from both political parties, his supporters are not bothered by his controversial remarks about racial and religious minorities.

“He stands up to people, and he tells what’s on his mind,” North Carolina resident Philip Austin tells The New York Times. “Unfortunately, even though people don’t want to hear it because a lot of what he says is inflammatory toward certain groups, it is the truth, because we have a massive problem.”

However, while Trump is the leading candidate in the GOP field, he is also the most widely disliked. The survey results show that 23 percent of respondents want him the least as their nominee.

“It’s the things he says and how he says them,” said Bill Rogers, who told The New York Times that he is supporting Ohio Gov. John Kasich. “He’s just too blunt and straightforward, and it’s scary. He doesn’t hold anything back. Some people think the way he speaks is offensive, and I’m one of them.”

64 percent of all respondents said that the idea of Trump in the White House was scary to them.

However, out of all the GOP candidates, it is Trump who has the most cemented support. 51 percent of his supporters say they have already made up their minds.

The Washington Post, analyzing the poll’s data, concludes that 17.5 percent of Republican voters will vote for the business mogul no matter what.

Sources: Gallup, The New York Times, The Washington Post / Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore / Wikimedia Commons

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