Poll: Dislike For Trump Reaches New High


Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump's disapproval ratings are getting higher as the New York billionaire continues to make waves with his controversial views and statements, according to a Washington Post/ABC News poll.

A whopping 70 percent of Americans disapprove of Trump, which is his highest disapproval rating since he entered the presidential race. And 56 percent said they feel “strongly” about their unfavorable opinion of the Republican candidate.

Trump's disapproval numbers have risen sharply in the past month, up from 60 percent in May. And today, only 29 percent of Americans hold a positive view of Trump.

Presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton's numbers aren't as bad as Trump's, but they're not very good.

Despite finishing the Democratic primary with big wins against Democratic challenger Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, Clinton's favorability numbers haven't gotten a boost. According to the Washington Post/ABC News poll, her favorability rating has been steadily dropping, going from near 50 percent in January to 43 percent in June.

Meanwhile, Clinton's unfavorability has steadily risen, from 50 percent in January to 55 percent in June.

Among male voters, the dislike of Trump and Clinton was almost the same: 63 percent of men viewed Clinton unfavorably, while 62 percent said the same about Trump.

Among female voters, the split was far greater. Trump was viewed unfavorable by 77 percent of women, while 47 percent viewed Clinton as unfavorable.

There was also a stark difference between the two candidates among nonwhite voters. Trump had an 88 percent unfavorability rating among nonwhite voters and 12 percent favorability rating. And despite his controversial rhetoric about Hispanic immigrants, Trump was seen as less favorable among black voters than Hispanic voters. Among black voters, 94 percent viewed Trump as unfavorable, while 89 percent of Hispanics felt the same way.

Clinton does much better among nonwhite voters than Trump. Among all nonwhite voters, 66 percent view her has favorable and 32 percent see her as unfavorable. Among black voters, 79 percent view her as favorable while 19 percent view her as unfavorable. And among Hispanics, 64 percent see her as favorable while 34 percent consider her to be unfavorable. 

Sources: CBS News, ABC News / Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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