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Poll: Congress' Approval Rating Drops To 11 Percent

Despite new leadership and a bipartisan push to avoid a government shutdown, Congress’ approval rating is at its lowest point this year.

According to a poll released by Gallup on Nov. 11, Congress’ approval ratings dropped to 11 percent — a full 2 points lower than October’s results. It’s not as low as Congress’ all-time low, a 9 percent approval in November 2013, CBS News reported.

The news of Congress’ declining approval rating may come as a surprise to some who watch Capitol Hill closely. Freshly sworn in Speaker Paul Ryan united the Republican caucus as part of his bid for the position and Congress passes a spending deal that would raise both spending limits and the debt ceiling until March 2017. 

Despite strides towards unifying a fractured Congress, there are still hurdles in the near future, such as passing a spending package before Dec. 11 to fund the government and avoid another shutdown. 

Sources: Gallup, CBS News / Photo credit: Elliott P./Flickr

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