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Poll: Clinton Has 50 Percent Of Support Among Left-Leaning Voters

Hillary Clinton has enjoyed a charmed October and her campaign shows no signs of slowing. According to a poll from NBC News and Survey Monkey, Clinton jumped 9 points among Democratic and left-leaning voters, meaning she now has 50 percent support. 

The boost in Clinton’s numbers could be, in part, attributed to vice president Joe Biden announcing that he wouldn’t run. Former senators Jim Webb and Lincoln Chafee have also suspended their campaigns, leaving would-be Democratic voters with fewer options, NBC News reported.

Sen. Bernie Sanders, who had been skyrocketing in the polls, hasn’t gained or lost much ground in the last six weeks. According to the new poll, he stands at 30 percent support, The Hill reported. However, Sanders is wildly popular among young people, which may be a key demographic in the election.

Former Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley and Harvard University professor Lawrence Lessig are both hanging in the presidential race and received less than one percent support.

The survey received responses from 8,706 adults, 1,266 of whom are registered Democrats. 

Sources: NBC News, The Hill Image via Marc Nozell/Flickr


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