Poll: 81 Percent Of People Satisfied With ObamaCare

Though the fate of the Affordable Care Act is still being decided in the Supreme Court and it remains controversial within the GOP, 81 percent of people enrolled in the program are satisfied with their health insurance.  

According to a new survey conducted by the health research group Commonwealth Fund, 45 percent of respondents said they are “somewhat satisfied,” with their insurance after enrolling through ObamaCare’s marketplaces. Another 36 percent say they are “very satisfied.” Overall, just 15 percent of the 4,881 respondents weren't satisfied. 

Though a different survey from the same group noted the ObamaCare encouraged the trend of insurers cutting their networks of doctors, 91 percent of people enrolled in the Affordable Care Act are satisfied with their physicians.

When the legislation was introduced, critics argued that the healthcare system would be plagued with long wait times to see a doctor. However, the survey also found 60 percent of people were able to get an appointment with their new primary care doctor in two weeks or less. 

Of those who are enrolled, 53 percent didn’t have health insurance prior to the legislation being passed.

Despite the success of ObamaCare, many people are unaware of other aspects of the healthcare exchange that could benefit them. For example, 46 percent were unaware that there is financial assistance available for those seeking insurance. That possibly has an impact on enrollment - 60 percent of uninsured people say they haven't tried the ObamaCare marketplace because they think they can’t afford any insurance.​

Sources: The Hill, Common Wealth Fund Image via LaDawna Howard/Flickr


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