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Poll: 60 Percent Of Americans Support 'Imaginary' Drone Bombings

A recent Associated Press-GfK poll found 60 percent of Americans support the U.S. government using drones to kill terrorists.

The poll also showed that 13 oppose drone bombings, while 24 percent of Americans don't have a strong feeling for or against drone killings.

The Associated Press noted, "The survey is the latest in several years of data showing broad support among the U.S. public for a targeted killing program begun under President George W. Bush and expanded dramatically under (President Barack) Obama."

The Intercept notes that the drone program asked about in the poll is "imaginary" because the "U.S. drone program does much more than kill members of al-Qaida: it also kills a significant number of civilians, and drone operators often don’t even know exactly whom they’re targeting."

AP did mention problems with the U.S. drone program, which were missing from poll, later in the article: "The poll did not include questions about foreign civilian casualties or about public confidence in the government's assertion that the vast majority of those killed in drone strikes are terrorists."

"Independent groups have estimated that at least hundreds, and possibly thousands, of noncombatants have been killed in the operations, a count the U.S. government disputes."

"Drone skeptics say most polls on the subject frame the question with the assumption that those targeted are terrorists, when it's not clear that is always the case."

Sources: Associated Press, The Intercept
Image Credit: United States Air Force


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