Poll: 40 Percent Of Germans Want Merkel To Resign Due To Refugee Policy


A poll released on Jan. 29 showed that 40 percent of Germans want Chancellor Angela Merkel to resign over her migrant policy. The poll comes as Germans become concerned about Merkel’s open-door policy towards migrants and refugees.

While Merkel had a record-high approval rating in early 2015, concerns about her handling of the influx of refugees has damaged her standing, reports Reuters.

Merkel’s conservative party reached a compromise with the Social Democrats on adopting stricter asylum requirements in a bid to manage the influx of refugees into Germany. 

The poll conducted by Focus magazine, a German publication, revealed a significant divide in German public opinion, reports The Telegraph.  Of those polled, 45.2 percent do not want Merkel to resign, while 15 percent are undecided. 

The concern over Merkel’s migrant policy comes following New Years Eve’s attacks in Cologne, which have been linked to migrants. Fears regarding the government’s ability to manage the migrant crisis have emerged since the attacks. 

Merkel’s party still enjoys strong support in Germany.  Her Christian Democrat Party has the single largest share of public support with 37 percent, and its coalition partner party has 24 percent.

The Euroskeptic Alternative fur Deutschland party is the next most popular party with 11 percent support.

Merkel recently took steps to reduce the flow of asylum-seekers into the country. Nationals of Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia will no longer be granted asylum, as those countries have been deemed “safe” by Germany.

The German government also put a halt to family members immigrating to join those already given asylum for the next two years.

The German Green Party criticized the government’s restrictions on asylum-seekers. Claudia Roth, a Green Party politician, bashed the halt on family reunification and called the measures “regrettable,” reports Deutsche Welle.

Christian Democrat politician Thomas Strobl defended the compromise that resulted in new government tightening of asylum policies. 

“[Christian Democrats] are in principle always in favor of family reunification,” Strobl said.

Regarding the number of refugees’ family members seeking to enter Germany, Strobl said “There are just simply too many.”

About 500,000 Syrians qualify for family reunification in Germany.

Sources: Deutsche Welle, Reuters, The Telegraph / Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

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