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Poll: 32 Percent Of Republicans Think Feds Want To Take Over Texas

A recent poll found that 32 percent of Republicans believe a conspiracy theory that the U.S. government, under President Obama, is trying to take over Texas.

The Public Policy Polling also found that 40 percent did not buy into the conspiracy theory, while 28 percent were undecided.

Of the pro-conspiracy GOPers, Republican Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin leads among possible presidential contenders for 2016 with 23 percent. A whopping 50 percent of Tea Party members believe that the feds are trying to take over Texas.

Operation Jade Helm is a normal U.S. military training exercise in Texas this summer, but the conspiracy theory has been pushed by web sites such as, which ran this headline today, "Bombshell: Jade Helm Propaganda Exposed." also ran a Jade Helm story (video below) on May 8 that claimed the U.S. military exercises have a "sinister purpose," which are "part of a broader plan to have the military and police forces work together to control the people in times of economic crisis and natural disaster."

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Image Credit: Screenshot


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