Poll: 25 Percent Of Republicans Believe Sen. Ted Cruz's Birthplace Disqualifies Him From Presidency


A new poll has found that 25 percent of Republicans believe that Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas cannot be president because he was born to an American mother in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

The Reuters/Ipsos poll also found that 27 percent of all voters and 28 percent of independent voters share this belief, which several legal experts debunked in 2015, noted Politifact.

Among all voters in the poll, 47 percent thought Cruz is qualified to be president based on his citizenship status, but 26 percent were not sure.

Cruz's rival GOP front-runner Donald Trump has raised the issue of Cruz's birthplace numerous times, as he did with President Obama in 2011 but ultimately failed.

"I already know the Democrats are going to be bringing a suit," Trump said during the Republican debate on Jan. 14, reported Reuters. "You have a big lawsuit over your head while you’re running, and if you become the nominee, who the hell knows if you can even serve in office? So you should go out, get a declaratory judgment, let the courts decide.”

Cruz criticized Trump's "New York values," which caused the New York Daily News to skewer Cruz on its Jan. 15 cover, reported Mediaite.com.

The newspaper's headline stated: "Drop Dead, Ted," and added, "Hey Cruz: You don't like N.Y. values? Go back to Canada!"

The cover included the Statue of Liberty giving the finger.

Sources: Reuters, Mediaite.com, Politifact / Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia

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