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Poll: 2 Percent of Alaskans Support George Zimmerman for President

In a recent poll inquiring about Alaskans' first choice for the 2016 GOP presidential nominee, Public Policy Polling included George Zimmerman as an option.

George Zimmerman was acquitted of murder in July after shooting unarmed Trayvon Martin in Florida. His acquittal his since sparked violent outrage.

PPP Director Tom Jensen first thought of including Zimmerman when he received high favorability ratings with Republican voters in some national polls. Jensen insisted that adding Zimmerman to the poll was done mostly out of curiosity.

Zimmerman received only 2 percent of polltakers’ votes, with Rick Santorum winning 3% more of Republican votes. Rand Paul won the overall poll, with 18% of the votes.

While Jensen suggested that adding Zimmerman to the lot was merely a matter of curiosity, some Alaskans found offense in the option.

“I see this poll as a mockery of the judgment of the people of Alaska," Robert Zimmerman, Zimmerman's brother and spokesperson, said. He noted that his brother was too young to be president and that he was a registered Democrat who had voted for Obama in 2008.

Several website commentators described the poll are “tasteless” and “reprehensible” behavior.

The same poll questioned whether or not Hilary Clinton had a chance of winning the presidential race in 2016, with only one win against former Alaska governor Sarah Palin, leading 49/40 percent.

Sources: The Huffington Post, UPI


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