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Political Correctness Isn't Limited to Left-Wingers

Conservatives are always carrying on about "Political Correctness", and blaming it for all manner of supposed societal ills. Some have even claimed that the tragic massacre at a U.S. military base by a crazed army psychiatrist was caused by political correctness, which is absolutely ludicrous.

And yes, it's easy to deplore the more ridiculous examples of political correctness, such as getting offended by the use of the word "black" for African American, Indians for native Americans, the paranoid tendency to read racism into virtually anything white people say and do, getting offended by the failure to use words which are not gender neutral, and all that nonsense.

But no one ever seems to mention the fact that conservatives have their own form of political correctness which is just as ludicrous as that of left-wingers.

There are the usual conservative buzzwords, which those on the right endlessly repeat, and their quickness to take offense at any one who has the courage to point out the fact that these are just smokescreens for intolerance and self-righteousness.

 You hear these terms every day in the news, in print, on television and the Internet: Rule of law, liberty, the right to bear arms, limited government, smaller government, lowering taxes, the evils of "government schools", moral relativism, the need to restore school prayer, to abolish the National Endowment for the Arts, restoring decency to America, cleaning up Hollywood and television, preserving religious freedom, America's Judeo-Christian heritage, strict observance of the Constitution, the Right to Life, the sanctity of life, standing up to the gay agenda, preserving life, protecting life, protecting marriage, respecting the Constitution, self-reliance, American Exceptionalism, patriotism, the dangers of socialism, redistribution of wealth, rugged individualism, God, mom, and apple pie.

All these terms sound wonderful to gullible conservatives, but what do they really mean? In fact,they are a sinister smokescreen for a theocratic agenda and a right-wing attempt to undo all the enormous social progress America has made in the past 50 years or so.

And if you criticize any conservative for using these terms, your patriotism and moral fibre are automatically questioned. You're pro-choice? That makes you a "baby-killer" who hates children. But abortions will happen whether people believe they should be illegal or not or whether they are legal or not. Being opposed to abortion or advocating a woman's right to choose to terminate a pregnancy make no difference.

Criticize a member of the religious right for narrow-mindedness, intolerance and self-righteousness? That means you are an "anti-christian bigot" and probably a wicked atheist. Do you support equal rights for gay people and think that allowing same-sex marriage would not be a bad thing? You must be gay yourself, and you're condemned for not realizing that homosexuality is a terrible sin and an abomination.

You don't believe in school prayer? Think that schools are places for teaching,not preaching? You're a wicked hater of Christianity, and you approve of the way that kids in "government schools" are "brainwashed" to be Godless, secular, wicked, immoral, licentious, baby-killing monsters.

You're a liberal? Horrors! You can't possibly be patriotic and you must hate the U.S. military and our troops? Criticize the late Ronald Reagan? Horrors again! You're an evil Marxist and communist! You believe in reasonable gun control, but not making them illegal and having the government confiscate them? You're part of the sinister left-wing conspiracy to take all our guns away and to allow communism to triumph here anyway.

You're opposed to the death penalty? You're a spineless liberal who's soft on crime.You're not a member of the Tea Party? You must be a Marxit and communist! You don't think that the answer to America's economic woes is just reducing taxes as much as possible, giving tax breaks to the wealthy, etc.? You love big government! 

Yes, conservatives have their own form of Political Correctness, and it's no better than left-wing PC.


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