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Police Stop Reporters From Taking Pictures of Possible NSA Building (Video)

Two reporters from Campus Reform were recently confronted by University of Maryland (UMD) police who told them that they couldn't take pictures or film a possible covert government facility on June 12 (video below).

The campus building is where NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden may have been employed as a security guard in 2005, long before he worked in intelligence for the NSA.

According to Campus Reform, an UMD police officer detained the reporters and asked for identification.

“Am I obligated to give it to you?” asked Campus Reform reporter Timothy Dionisopoulous.

“Yeah if you don’t give your ID... you have to leave the area. So if you don't want to give me your ID, you have to leave,” said Officer Pak.

After the reporters complied, Officer Pak made them leave the area.

Two different Campus Reform reporters were also stopped by UMD police on June 13 (video below).

Campus Reform reporter Katherine Timpf and contributor Spencer Schredder were prevented from filming on a public road outside the building, which may have violated the First Amendment.

“Don’t film this direction,” stated an unidentified UMD police officer.

“You cannot film the area,” added the officer. “You have nothing more to do here except leave.”

Later, neither the UMD police or the NSA would not specifically state why the reporters were stopped.

Speaking to Campus Reform, Sergeant Aaron Davis, of the UMD Police Department, said the campus police were just following the requests of “NSA security.”

NSA spokeswoman Vanee Vines was apparently unaware of the incident and couldn't say why the UMD police acted on behalf of the NSA.

“I don’t know, I wasn’t there,” Vines told Campus Reform.

Source: Campus Reform


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