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Police Release Dashcam Footage After North Carolina Mayor Daune Gardner Pleads Guilty to DUI (Video)

The mayor of Waxham, a small town in North Carolina that lies right near the South Carolina border, below Charlotte, is shown on newly released police dashboard camera footage laughing and dancing during a sobriety test back in June. Now, the disgraced mayor has pleaded guilty to drunk driving, and this isn’t her first offense.

Police say that when they pulled over Mayor Daune Gardner in June, her blood alcohol level was 0.18 percent. She will not, however, face any jail time for her crime. She’s pleaded guilty to level 5 DUI and has been placed on one year of probation, stripped of her driving privileges, and given 24 hours of community service.

Police say that on the night of the incident back in June, it was 12:30 in the morning and Mayor Gardner was speeding, driving, erratically, smelled of alcohol, and was slurring her words.

"She has become a liability to the town of Waxhaw in my opinion and we can't tolerate it anymore," said Waxhaw Commissioner Joyce Blythe. “This has happened before, and she was warned before, and she hasn’t heeded those warnings.”

Last month, town commissioners voted to make Gardner pay back the money that she spent on alcohol after deeming that what she initially used was from the taxpayers. She is not allowed to go out of town until all of the money is repaid.


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