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Police Called to Arrest Child Immigration Reform Activists Singing Outside Office of Congressman Eric Cantor (Video)

A group of child immigration activists stood in the office of Congressman Eric Cantor yesterday, singing a rewritten version of the song “Titanium” in the hopes of getting the politician’s attention. Unfortunately, Cantor refused to meet with the children, and police were called to force the singing children out of the office.

“We want reform, we want it now,” sang the group of children, some appearing to be as young as 4 or 5 years old. “We are titanium. Keep our families together. We want reform right now.”

The groups behind the peaceful protest, Fair Immigration Reform Movement (FIRM) and Keeping Families Together, are immigration rights groups that are trying to pass immigration reform legislation by sharing the stories of families affected by immigration laws in the United States.

The video shows the group of children singing in the office of Congressman Cantor when an officer makes his way in the room to warn them that they could be arrested.

“We have to ask you to leave,” says the officer politely. “If you don’t want to leave, if you want to stay in, you’re subject to arrest.”

“I heard what you’re doing, I appreciate what you’re doing,” continued the officer. “The congressman can’t do anything right now, they can’t meet with you. So, please, set [an appointment up] through email. Please don’t sing again, guys.”

The group eventually exited the office, and it should be noted that the officer was nice and professional in his handling of the situation.

A second video, seemingly from the same day, shows the group outside of Speaker John Boehner’s office door singing the words, “We pray for Speaker Boehner,” to the tune of ‘We Wish You a Merry Christmas.’

This time, a different officer approaches, and he is not so nice.

“This is a place of business and we do not sing in the hallway,” he asserts angrily. “Comprende? This is getting old real fast. I’m done. I’m going to start making arrests.”

No arrests were reported from either incident.

Many of the children in the video are legal United States citizens but their parents are not, and those parents are facing deportation with the real possibility of their families being ripped apart.

Watch both videos below.


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