Planned Parenthood's "Plans" Lead to Death


By Kortney Blythe

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: The only "plans" that come out of Planned Parenthood involve death, destruction and immorality.

Plan A: Hormonal birth control

All hormonal forms of contraception can kill ( "Kill what?" You ask. For one, they can kill young human persons trying to implant in their mothers' wombs. In addition, young women taking hormonal birth control have died of strokes, pulmonary embolisms, cancer and the list goes on. (I'm sure you've seen the advertisements for attorneys just salivating to take your case “if you've been injured by Yaz.”) And thirdly, the pill kills the environment. Do you really want to put into your body the same chemicals that create deformed, sexless fish?

Plan B: Emergency contraception (EC) a.k.a. the morning-after pill

Recently, I've seen TV commercials for this detestable product. They try to convince consumers that Plan B does not cause an abortion. The ad says, "Plan B is not the abortion pill; it does not work if you're already pregnant, and it won't terminate an existing pregnancy." This is a lie. If a woman has released an oocyte (ovulated), which has been fertilized by a sperm, forming a new human person, then Plan B can prevent the new human from implanting into the uterine lining where he/she would continue the growth process and receive nourishment.

Then, there's this lovely motto in the commercial: "Sometimes the unexpected happens, if it does, there's Plan B."

Unexpected? Because women don't know that having sex can lead to pregnancy? I thought schools were teaching such things these days?

The National Institute for Reproductive Health has deemed today, March 24, "Back Up Your Birth Control Campaign Day of Action (BUYBC).”

This so-called national campaign is attempting to remove any restrictions that still remain in accessing EC (age limits, in particular). The people behind this day would like to see EC in the hands of women of every age. In fact, they'd like to see EC sold next to and purchased with the same frequency as mints and gum in the local pharmacy. 

To promote BUYBC, the web site instructs students to spread the word about EC on campus by "hosting a party, film screening, 'battle of the bands' or sporting event” where they can “distribute BUYBC materials on what EC is and where teens can get it."

An EC party? EC battle of the bands? EC sporting event? Riiiiiight. Let's celebrate that sinking, panicky, shameful feeling one has after a night of wickedness and self-indulgence that would prompt one to frantically seek out EC.

Plan C: Medical or surgical abortion

If Plan A (abortive contraception) fails or you skip over Plan A completely, then go to Plan B (higher-dose abortive contraception). If both fail, Plan C is abortion, which, unlike A and B, always results in the death of a child.

The term "family planning" and thus, Planned Parenthood, cannot be divorced from abortion. Even pro-abortion groups admit this. The addition of "family" or "parenthood" to the names only veils the deadliness of the “plans” involved and exposes the hypocrisy and delusion of the death peddlers.

Instead of having a variety of “plans” to cover up one’s sin (plans that damage you and your offspring), plan to be chaste. Plan to practice self-control. Plan to obey God. And execute those plans. That kind of planning and action results in joy and peace.

Today, while some are celebrating “Back Up Your Birth Control Day,” remind yourself and others that purity, self-control and chastity don’t need a back-up plan.


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