Carly Fiorina Stands By Fetus Story Despite Fact-Checkers Saying She's Wrong


Planned Parenthood has taken aim at Carly Fiorina’s disturbing comments about their practices. A spokesman for the organization has accused her of lying about the content of controversial video taken without their knowledge.

Fiorina used fiery rhetoric during the second presidential debate on Sept. 16 when speaking of Planned Parenthood, describing a grotesque and inhumane treatment of a fetus that she claimed is depicted in undercover videos at Planned Parenthood. She dared President Obama and Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton to watch the video and not be sickened by “a fully formed fetus on the table, its heart beating, its legs kicking, while someone says 'we have to keep it alive to harvest its brain," The Hill reports.

Fiorina was referring to a collection of ten videos that the anti-abortion group, the Center for Medical Progress, released. These videos, which have been proven to be heavily edited and misleading, have become a viral sensation and renewed calls amongst the Republican presidential candidates to have Planned Parenthood defunded.

The issue, says Planned Parenthood, is that the horrifying scene Fiorina describes doesn’t exist. Furthermore, spokesman Eric Ferrero says that Fiorina is intentionally misleading the public.

“There is no polite way to say this: Carly Fiorina is lying,” Ferrero wrote in a statement released Sept. 23.  “There is no video showing anything like what she claims. It's just totally false, no matter how many times she repeats it.”

Planned Parenthood is backed up by numerous independent fact checkers who have combed through the videos, reports Bloomberg Politics.

Fox News’ Chris Wallace asked Fiorina about the veracity of her comments on Sept. 20.

“Do you acknowledge what every fact-checker has found, that as horrific as that scene is, it was only described on the video by someone who claimed to have seen it?" Wallace asked. “There is no actual footage of the incident that you just mentioned."

“No, I don’t accept it at all,” Fiorina responded.

She stood by her claim that she saw the footage with her own eyes and added that it is “amazing, actually, that all these supposed fact-checkers in the mainstream media claim this doesn’t exist."

"They’re trying to attack the authenticity of the videotape," she said.

Fiorina doubled down on her insistence that the footage exists at a Sept. 23 campaign rally in South Carolina, The Hill reports.

“They say I'm lying about a videotape, but it's there,” she told supporters.

Sources: Bloomberg Politics, The Hill / Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore / Flickr(2)


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