Pinellas County Trying to Avoid Florida's Statewide Gun Laws


This Thursday, the Pinellas County Legislative Delegation will take up Local Bill 06 to allow the registered voters of the county to decide whether or not Pinellas County should abide by the state’s firearm preemption law.

Florida’s firearm preemption law has been in effect for twenty-four years.  This law gives the Florida legislature the sole authority to regulate firearms regulations and prevents local governments from regulating your constitutional right to own, possess and lawfully use firearms.  It put a stop to the confusing patchwork of conflicting firearm laws across the state.  This important law keeps law-abiding gun owners from becoming criminals while traveling through, visiting friends and loved-ones or just sight-seeing throughout the state.  

Unfortunately, several counties in Florida, including Pinellas County, think they are above state law and have instituted gun control laws.  Pinellas County and others are violating the state firearm preemption law.

On October 1, a new law took effect that provides penalties for local governments and government officials who willfully and knowingly violate state law.

Now that local governments are going to have to obey state law or be punished for breaking the law, many are working to comply with state law - except Pinellas County.   Some elected officials still feel that Pinellas County is above the law and that they should not be held accountable as law breakers.

The Pinellas County Legislative Delegation will be having a delegation meeting and public hearing this Thursday, October 27 from 9:00 am to noon to hear Local Bill 06.  

LB 06 states that Section 790.33, Florida Statutes, does not apply to any county, city, town, or municipal ordinance or any administrative regulation or rule adopted by a local government in Pinellas County.  

The Second Amendment applies to all law-abiding citizens -- INCLUDING those who live in Pinellas County.   

If this bill passes it will be brought before the Florida legislature in 2012 for its consideration.  Don’t let the Florida legislature waste its time on LB 06.  There are more important issues that need to be considered than arrogant Pinellas County officials thinking they should be exempt from the Second Amendment.


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