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Pictures: Playboy Model Julia Orayen Steals the Show at Mexican Debate

Mexico's electoral authority apologized to voters on Monday after a presidential debate was upstaged by former Playboy model Julia Orayen and her revealing outfit (left).

Wearing a white dress that showed much of her cleavage, Orayen was working as an assistant on the televised debate. She walked in front of the camera to hand out cards to the four candidates and created an immediate stir on online social media.

Her appearance, lasting a few seconds, quickly began trending on Twitter, generating thousands of mentions. The Mexican newspaper Excelsior even declared her the winner of the debate.

Orayen posed nude for the Mexican edition of Playboy in 2008.

The Federal Electoral Institute (IFE) later issued a statement apologizing to the citizens of Mexico and the candidates for the "production error associated with the dress of an assistant."

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