Pictures: Occupy Wall Street Protests Reach Alaska

University of Alaska assistant professor Diane McEachern recently took a photo (below) in Bethel, Alaska with her three dogs, on the frozen tundra, holding a hand-printed sign that reas: "Occupy the Tundra" in support of the Occupy Wall Street protest, which began in New York City a month ago.

In the photo, she is kneeling on the frost-covered ground and dressed in a musk-ox wool scarf to keep warm. McEachern wants to support the movement against a financial system that protesters say benefits corporations and the wealthy.

After she posted her self-portrait on Facebook, the assistant professor says that she was inundated with interview requests by the media: "Waking up to 200 friend requests. On a good day, five would make sense. I never thought it would get all the attention it has."

She has had more than 8,500 people "like" the photo on Facebook, received more than 4,000 "shares" and more than 1,000 comments.

The three dogs pictured are Mr. Snickers, Seabiscuit and Ruffian. The tundra display was not her first political demonstration. She said she stood alone in Bethel in 2003 in minus 40 degree weather to protest the U.S. invasion of Iraq, with a sign saying: "It's never too cold to oppose war."

Now others in rural Alaska outposts are following her example. In the Aleutian island town of Unalaska, 10 residents snapped an ‘Occupy the Bering Sea’ photo, which they posted on Facebook.

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