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Trump Meets With Military, Delivers Cryptic Message

Trump Meets With Military, Delivers Cryptic Message Promo Image

President Donald Trump delivered a cryptic message to reporters after meeting with U.S. military leaders to discuss North Korea and Iran.

Trump posed for a photo with First Lady Melania Trump alongside uniformed military leaders and their spouses on Oct. 5 at the White House state dining room, Daily Mail reported. He was meeting with the military officials to discuss strategy for North Korea and Iran.

"You guys know what this represents?" the president asked reporters in the room. "Maybe it's the calm before the storm."

"What storm?" questioned one reporter.

"You'll find out," Trump responded.

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The White House has not yet responded to requests for clarification of Trump's comments.

While speaking with top defense officials in the cabinet room earlier that evening, Trump spoke about the ongoing threat from North Korea and about the U.S.' work to prevent Iran from attaining a nuclear weapon.

"In North Korea, our goal is denuclearization," the president said. "We cannot allow this dictatorship to threaten our nation or our allies with unimaginable loss of life. We will do what we must do to prevent that from happening. And it will be done, if necessary, believe me."

Previous Trump comments on North Korea came in September, when he referred to Kim Jong Un as "Rocket Man" and said the North Korean dictator had a "death wish." Trump added that the U.S. will "totally destroy" North Korea if needed to defend itself or its allies.

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In August, while speaking from his golf club in New Jersey, Trump said North Korea will be "met with fire, fury and frankly power the likes of which this world has never seen before," CNN reported.

Trump was also critical of Iran during his most recent meeting with military officials, saying the country has not lived up to the spirit of an agreement forged with world powers to restrain its nuclear program.

A senior administration official said the president is expected to soon announce that he will decertify the landmark agreement.

Trump also urged military officials to be faster at providing him with "military options" when needed.

"Moving forward, I also expect you to provide me with a broad range of military options, when needed, at a much faster pace," the president said during their cabinet room meeting. "I know that government bureaucracy is slow, but I am depending on you to overcome the obstacles of bureaucracy."

Sources: Daily Mail, CNN / Featured Image: Gage Skidmore/Flickr / Embedded Images: Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia Commons, J.A. de Roo/Wikimedia Commons

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