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'Physically Fit' People Commit Food Stamp Fraud, Says Rep. Markwayne Mullin (Video)

Rep. Markwayne Mullin, R-Okla., recently claimed at a town hall meeting that he saw a "physically fit" couple using food stamps, which means they were committing food stamp fraud.

Mullin cited this example as the reason why the United States should “do away with a lot of these programs."

However, just because a person is physically fit does not mean they have the financial means to buy enough food or are banned from food stamps.

“The food programs are designed to take care of people who can’t work, not won’t work," Mullin said. "We all know those people that won’t work, right? They’re abusing the program, and we’ve got to get them off of it." reported in July that most people on food stamps already have jobs.

"The majority of able-bodied, working-age food stamp recipients already work, according to a January analysis of the program from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities," MSN reports.

Those facts did not stop Mullin from making his bizarre claim, notes (video below). Mullin said of the incident at the store:

So I’m in Crystal City and I’m buying my groceries … and I noticed everybody was giving that card. They had these huge baskets, and I realized it was the first of the month. But then I’m looking over, and there’s a couple beside me. This guy was built like a brick house. I mean he had muscles all over him.

He was in a little tank top and pair of shorts and really nice Nike shoes. And she was standing there, and she was all in shape and she looked like she had just come from a fitness program. She was in the spandex, and you know, they were both physically fit. And they go up in front of me and they pay with that card. Fraud. Absolute 100 percent all it is is fraud … it’s all over the place. And there you go, to the fact that we shouldn’t be supporting those who won’t work. They’re spending their money someplace."

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