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Phyllis Schlafly Attacks Facebook CFO Sheryl Sandberg for Being a Feminist (Audio)

Conservative activist Phyllis Schlafly recently attacked Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg for being a “typical feminist."

Schlafly also slammed Sandberg's bestselling book Lean In, reports

“Sandberg’s feminist arguments and conclusions are at odds with what most women really want out of life," opined the 88-year-old conservative.

Additionally, Schlafly attacked Sandberg’s correct observation in Lean In that women were outnumbered in high-level positions, which Schlafly called a “typical feminist complaint.”

"A lot of smart women have different priorities and they make trade-offs to order their lives around marriage and children," said Schlafly. "Sandberg is disappointed when she sees women making career decisions to fit with having a family. But smart young women know they will probably want to work fewer hours in order to be at home with their own babies."

"It's smart to plan ahead and not do as feminists and women's studies courses advise which is to plot a career without any space for husband and children. Too many women come to their senses only after age 40 and then find it's too late to have a husband or children. Feminism is at war with Mother Nature, and Mother Nature is still winning."



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