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Photos: Former Mayor of Miami Carlos Alvarez is Now a Bodybuilder

A former mayor of Miami-Dade has recently emerged as an over-60 bodybuilding champion after being recalled from office two years ago. 

Carlos Alvarez, 60, hasn't been seen much since he was ousted from office on March 11, 2011. It was the largest recall vote of a local official in U.S. history at 88 percent, after citizens fought against a property tax hike and increase in county employee salaries. 

Miami-Dade County had called him mayor for seven-and-a-half years until the ousting. When he left office, he was earning a salary of $325,309. 

Photos of him at the bodybuilding competition featured him in tiny black briefs, showing off his bulging muscles with a golden brown tan and tattoos. 

Alvarez took home first prize in the National Physique Committee's South Florida 'Over 60s' Master's bodybuilding competition. 

Not many people recognized him at the event, but promoter Sergio Pacheco said he won the competition over five other men and is now qualified to compete in the prestigious Junior National Master's competition. 

While Alvarez has not been seen often after his embarrassing ousting, he has been seen frequenting a gym at Merrick Park in Coral Gables. A spokeswoman for Equinox Gym Coral Gables said he works out there but did not share details on his regimen. 

A photographer for the event, Michael Sansevero, said he had paid $75 for pictures and video. 

"I was kind of surprised when I saw him," Sansevero said. "He must always have been in good shape, but he was in real good shape."

Alvarez does not mention that he was a mayor in his bodybuilding bio, but he did say he was the former police director. 

One of the judges at the competition said another judge had to point Alvarez out, because Alvarez did not mention he was the former mayor of Miami. 

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