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Photo On Trump's Wall Sparks Controversy (Photos)

Photos from an interview with President-elect Donald Trump revealed some of the things the billionaire keeps in his office. One thing hanging on his wall in particular surprised many.

Among the many items and photos around Trump's office is one stand out photo -- Trump on the cover of the 1990 Playboy magazine.

The interview, in which Trump discussed Brexit and his vision for U.K./U.S. relations in the future, took place in Trump's office in Trump Tower, which is encased in bullet proof glass, according to the Daily Mail.

Photos from the interview show the many items around Trump's office, including awards and memorabilia, such as magazine covers featuring the president-elect, a musket, and a boomerang, among many others.

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Some were shocked to see that among the photos hanging on Trump's wall is a copy of the cover of Playboy magazine, on which Trump appeared in 1990, making him one of few men to ever appear on the magazine's cover.

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According to The Huffington Post, the placement of the magazine cover made news when Evangelical leader Jerry Falwell Jr. of Libery University posed with Trump in his office for a photo. Trump, Falwell, and Falwell's wife, Becki, posed in front of Trump's wall of photos and magazine covers, just slightly to the left of the Playboy cover.

The photo with Falwell sparked controversy because Falwell was already under fire for supporting Trump as a Christian.

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"Nice Playboy cover in the shot!" One Twitter user commented. "Really brings out the colors of the hypocrisy on display."

"Playboy? Seriously?" The world already looks at Christian hypocrisy, this won't help," another user wrote.

"Just curious how the Playboy cover squares with your morality," another user wrote to Falwell.

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