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Philadelphia Mayoral Candidate Collapses During Debate (Video)

Lynne Abraham, 74, collapsed during a Philadelphia mayoral debate last night.

Pennsylvania state Sen. Anthony Hardy Williams (D) was speaking when Abraham suddenly dropped to the floor (video below). reports that the former Philadelphia District Attorney was on the floor for about seven minutes before leaving the stage. She did not return for the rest of the debate, per a doctor's advice.

"I believe I just had a sudden drop in blood pressure, which is what the doctor said," Abraham told reporters during a press conference last night (video below).

"These things sometime happen, they're inexplicable. Never happened before, and it just happened at an inopportune time, I regret to say," Abraham added.

Several political consultants told that the incident could hurt the Abraham's chances and force her to release medical records.

However, the incident apparently helped Abraham as she got 54 percent of the vote in a poll of Democratic candidates, noted NBC Philadelphia.

Sources: NBC Philadelphia,
Image Credit: NBC Philadelphia Screenshot


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