Philadelphia Mayor Says Cops Are Increasingly Afraid Of Community


Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter recently claimed that some police officers are afraid of the communities they are supposed to be protecting.

Mayor Nutter made his comment on Sunday during an appearance on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” which was focusing on public protests against the police killings in Ferguson and New York City, noted CBS St. Louis.

“You, in essence, have the citizens who want to be protected who are now are increasingly afraid of the police, and you have some police officers who are increasingly afraid of the community,” said Mayor Nutter. “There is a large gap in that context, so it is about training. People need the police to protect them.”

“I support my police officers back in Philadelphia," added Mayor Nutter. "This is a dangerous job. They interact with really bad people.”

According to The Hill, Mayor Nutter claimed that increased training could help increase trust, but police could not change their standards for fighting crime.

Clergy group POWER staged a “die-in” protest outside Lincoln Financial Field on Sunday after the game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Seattle Seahawks.

Sources: The Hill, CBS St. Louis / Image Source: Mayor Michael Nutter


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