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PGA Moves Event From Donald Trump's Golf Course

The fallout from Donald Trump’s remarks on Mexican immigrants shows no signs of slowing down. The latest reaction is from The Professional Golf Association, which has reached an agreement to move their Grand Slam event away from the Trump National Golf Club in Los Angeles, California, The Hill reported.

The decision was reportedly mutual.

“Due to the controversy surrounding statements made by Mr. Trump having to do with illegal immigrants pouring into the United States from Mexico and other parts of the world, Mr. Trump does not want his friends at the PGA of America to suffer any consequences or backlash with respect to the Grand Slam of Golf,” a statement from Trump’s political team said.

The PGA Grandslam is an exhibition game for the four champions of the year, The San Jose Mercury News reported. The tournament was supposed to be held between July 19-21, but it’s unclear where it will be held. 

Though the PGA has future events scheduled at Trump courses, including the 2022 PGA Championship and the U.S. Women's Open in 2017, both the PGA Tour and USGA have declined to discuss the fate of those tournaments.

ESPN has also removed their tournament from Trump’s course. On July 8, the network announced it would move its ESPY Celebrity Golf Classic from Trump's course in Los Angeles.

"Diversity and inclusion are core values at ESPN and our decision also supports that commitment," ESPN said.

Sources: The San Jose Mercury News, The Hill Image via Brendan Riley/Flickr


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