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Petitions Delivered To NBC Demanding Network Dump Donald Trump As 'SNL' Host

A coalition of advocacy groups have delivered petitions to NBC demanding it cancel Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s scheduled Nov. 7 hosting appearance on “Saturday Night Live.”

"There's mounting evidence that Donald Trump's racist demagoguery is resulting in real-world violence and physical and verbal intimidation," Deputy Political Director Mushed Zaheed of CREDO Action said in a statement on America’s Voice.

One of the included petitions, from, with the headline, “No Room For Hate On Saturday Night Live: Tell NBC To Dump Donald Trump As Host,” received 145,902 signatures.

“Mass deportation is not funny! By allowing Donald Trump to host Saturday Night Live, NBC is excusing and even validating Trump's hateful comments about immigrants and Latinos,” the petition reads.

“It is shameful for SNL and NBC to think that racism can be repackaged as comedy,” Juan Escalante, America’s Voice digital campaigns manager, said in the America's Voice statement. “Moreover, it is disappointing to see that [SNL producer] Lorne Michaels and the executives at NBC are willing to prioritize their ratings over the dignity and respect of their viewers. On Wednesday, we will raise our voices and ensure that NBC and SNL understand that Trump’s attacks on Latinos and immigrants are not funny.”

The Latino and immigration groups, including Color of Change, Latino Rebels, Latino Victory Project, NCLR, United Farm Workers and Voto Latino Action Fund, along with, CREDO Action and, collected 520,000 petition signatures requesting Trump be removed as host of SNL. The petitions were delivered to NBC Studios in New York City on Nov. 4.

NBC cut ties with Donald Trump in relation to the Miss Universe pageant early in his campaign when he described some Mexicans who are in the U.S. illegally as criminals and rapists, CBS News reports. NBC also said at the time Trump would never again appear on “The Celebrity Apprentice,” a show he spearheaded.

When the petitions were delivered to NBC, around two dozen protesters were there, reports CBS News. Some of them chanted “Dump Trump” while holding signs bearing the same phrase.

"SNL should know better. NBC should know better," one protester told CBS's Vladimir Duthiers.

NBC refused to comment on the petitions.

Trump, while promoting his new book in New York on Nov. 3, said he was happy demonstrations were occurring.

"Look, I think they should demonstrate," Trump said, according to CBS News. "Ratings will go even higher than they are going to be. It's going to be one of their highest-rated shows ever and they're very excited about it."

Trump added that the petitions are “only going to make it hotter.”

Sources: America's Voice, CBS / Photo credit: Thomas Altfather Good/Flickr


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