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Petition To Impeach Pelosi For 'Treason' Surpasses Quarter Million Signatures


A petition from a White House website called “We the People” to “Impeach Pelosi for treason!” has now accumulated over quarter-million signatures to date.

More than 260,000 people have already signed the petition to impeach the House Speaker Nancy Pelosi last Wednesday, October 23, 2019, which is more than two and a half times the minimum amount of 100,000 to officially warrant a response.

According to Marjorie Taylor Greene, the Georgia woman who made the petition last January, she personally delivered a copy off to Speaker Pelosi’s house office just February 22 of this year. She continues to encourage the local Americans to help sign the petition, right after being backed by US President Donald Trump the same way Pelosi conducted an impeachment inquiry of the President.

The petition declares that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is a traitor because she supports the illegal immigrants - also called the State’s “enemies,” and greatly opposes the construction of the border wall funding by aiding the supporting sanctuary cities with tax-funded benefits.

The petition says: “Nancy Pelosi is a TRAITOR to the American People! The Constitution defines, "Treason against the US.. ..adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort." Illegal aliens are enemies that invade our country with drugs, human trafficking, and terrorist causing death and crime to American citizens.”

Albeit the US Constitution does say that civil servants may be removed via “impeachment,” there needs to be a trial by the Senate via two-thirds vote by the members of that chamber before they are expelled.

The “We the People” website explains that they are “a platform that empowers the American public to take this action like never before – it’s a way for anybody, anywhere, to speak directly to the government and become an agent for change.”

According to, Greene is yet to hear the "official response" by the White House website.

Sources: America Now / Photo Credit: Google

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